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I Never Lived...   
03:40pm 30/09/2002
mood: excited
Yea, I'm kinda bored but i can't complain i went out on Friday and Saturday :GASP!: wit Ashley aka my stunt double. We went to the mall so she could meet this kid she was talkin to on the phone and hmm i dunno bout him quite yet! I'm happy cuz tomorrow is OCTOBER! One of my favorite months cuz that means hayrides and haunted houses galore YEAAA BABI!Lemme calm down now huh? This weekend i think probably we gonna go to a hayride *we dont waste time heh HI ASH!* My favorite fag might come along but he acts up alot so thats never a definite, then Saturday we might meet another kid she been talkin to that should be fun it better happen! I haven't written in a while...does anybody read this? lol Lemme go now i just wanted to wrte a lil thing to let y'all know (if anybody reads it) that I'm still here breathin and livin so its GOOD!!
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02:47am 20/08/2002
mood: pessimistic
Can somebody please tell me how i can upload a layout on here instead of this pink plain shit? please comment and tell meeeee
02:05am 18/08/2002
mood: calm
Ay,eh things are going ok now for me in the love depo now. I suppose but i should shut my mouth (or fingers?) up because i dont need a jinx :\. Today i didnt do much, me and my mom went shoppin for school clothes which i only got things from Forever 21 bcuz the rest of the stores blew balls. I tried on a pair of jeans in Old Navy which didnt fit now im miserable hah DOES ANYBODY FEEL MY PAIN WIT JEANS?! They are the devil im convinced. Some dude like did suttin in the mall the security arrested him it was scurry ;*( The rest of the day i didnt do anything but talk on the phone WHOO THE EXCITEMENT! yea that was my day i need to keep up my exercisin routine but im slackin not packin alrighie ill catch ya later lovlies <33-1
Quizzes to get ta know me   
08:47pm 14/08/2002
05:53pm 14/08/2002
  Ayo, im new to this shyt so bare wit me ;)Lemme introduce myself, my name is Alli and i live in Nu Jeru. I have a shady ass boyfriend and a stunt double (as i like to call her aka my best friend). I hate school and am scared to death to go back im pretty complicated but simple at the same time. Im a pretty cool person so yall will like me i hope. Yep, eh anything else I'll write latr OH BUT WAIT! One thing abou my shady boyfriend...today is his birfday so i sent him one of those online cards and it was romantic if i do say so myself! and the fool wana sign off and not comment so i called him yelled and hung up on his ass *DUnDUNdUN!* as the saga continues....

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